Friday, June 6, 2014

Why I enjoy Genealogy

     Recently, I was asked why I was researching my family tree.  Having been asked this before, I was ready with my standard answer of “I am just a curious person who loves history”. The questioner stated that the only reason to do research was to claim a royal or famous ancestor. I assured them that is not the reason for most genealogists. I don’t really expect to find anyone like that in my ancestry but the people I am finding are interesting to say the least.
     In a handful of years, I have gone from reading the census page by page on micro fiche to querying a name at The progress of genealogical research has been amazing in its speed.  Not only are more people researching and sharing but now DNA is available. The DNA results don’t come with a family tree or absolute relatives but it does help see over any brick walls. I have been hammering away on those walls for a while now. Research lead to some assumptions but no direct proof.  Those assumption surnames have appeared in the DNA results. While it isn’t absolute proof, I have been led to other avenues to explore. While DNA has its limitations, it is another tool to be used.
      I am starting this blog to share my ancestors’ life stories and in the process, hopefully, help others discover new relatives.


  1. Hi, I learned of your blog through Geneabloggers. While I don't have a blog dedicated solely to genealogy, I do share childhood memories on mine.

    When I first got into genealogy 3 years ago, people used to ask me the same questions. "Why in the world are you interested in a bunch of dead people?" seemed to be the attitude.

    My response is that I'm interested in them simply because they lived. Were it not for their hard work, sacrifice, etc., I wouldn't be around today.

    Like you, I don't expect to find royalty or fame in my family tree. But I'm proud of them just the same.


  2. You are right, Patti. Everyone has a story simply because they lived.
    Good luck in your searches